About Me

and thanks for being interested in my blog! I hope you will find some interesting stuff here.

My name is Sebastian, and I am a student of computer science at the Technical University of Dortmund. In the past, I have also have worked as a freelancer offering coding services in Java & PHP (I’m starting my final thesis soon and am focusing on that right now).

I like to code interesting things in my spare time, at the moment focusing on DSLs & their type systems as well as approaches to create multi-paradigm software by leveraging functional approaches in OOP applications.

When I’m not coding, I am an avid space exploration enthusiast and probably learning something interesting about the universe today.

I have recently begun this blog as a serious platform to get my thoughts out on some topics, mostly related to coding, software -development, -engineering & -design as well as language design and its implications of programs.

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About the blog

This blog is authored in Markdown and the typesetting for math equations is done via locally-included MathJax.

The static site generator behing it is Jekyll, and the page is hosted on GitHub Pages (see Privacy Policy). The PDF are generated using Google Chrome and printing to PDF. Bibliography is provided by Bibtex.JS.

The usage of MathJax and Bibtex.JS means I can easily convert posts to and from LaTex, enabling easy publishing to the web but also powerful typesetting where needed for PDFs.

The style of the site is the Jekyll Theme “Minima”, with slight alterations (mostly to the footer and for printing).