Posts & articles related to the configuration & operation of linux systems.

  • Use Jekyll on Windows via the Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

    The Windows Subsystem for Linux works surprisingly well by now – at least for simple tasks. In this blog post, I describe how to install the WSL as well as Jekyll (with GitHub Pages support) using Ubuntu as the distro of choice. Installing the WSL and a Linux distro is suprisingly easy and has only 4 steps (one is optional).

  • Awesome etckeeper

    The idea behind etckeeper is as simple as smart: Use a VCS to keep track of changes to config files in /etc/, providing you with a history, rollback options and much more.

  • Installing (and/or migrating) TS3 on Debian 6

    This guide covers how to install a teamspeak3 server on Debian 6, as well as migrating from an old installation.

  • Installing LAMP on Debian 6

    Installing LAMP on debian 6 is refreshingly easy. This guide covers a typical LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) installation on Debian 6. I had to set it up yesterday, so I thought I’d share some of the steps on the way. Since I have also needed a TeamSpeak3 server, there will be a follow-up on that, too. I will use as a server domain, but replace it as appropriate for your needs when following the guide.