The new year saw some interesting developments, as I have been mentioned with my software several times throughout the web.

Jekyll & My Blog

I have not yet really advertised my software or pushed to get it more widely spread, but ever since Kevin Holler @iamkevinholler mentioned my [jekyll-template-toolkit (JTT)][] on his twitter account the number of stargazers is skyrocking (well, not exactly, but I get more and more stargazer every week).

Additionally, @danieldriver based some of his work for on a widget from my very toolkit.

It is very refreshing to see that what I do is actually useful to others.

But I also have a request: If you find anything of what I write useful, please tweet about it or link my work in other ways, tweet me, star my blog on github or star my jekyll template toolkit. Let the world know what you like (or dislike) and where you found it. Thanks!


Another part of what I am doing has to do with WCF. I will start selling commercial software when WCF 2.0 will become stable. WCF 2.0 public beta (and WBB 4.0 public beta) should be out in a matter of weeks now, so things will get hot there soon!

Additionally I got enganged with and will give support for both, my commercial as well as my noncommercial WCF 2.0 / WBB 4.0 packages there. I am currently writing the necessary software for wbbaddons to facilitate this. This means that wbbaddons will have the infrastructure to host packages and their support from any developer. I will post about this once there is more to share, but the general idea is to establich a counterpart to the Plugin-Store by WoltLab. In the Plugin-Store you can deploy your packages and target easily to a wide audience, but wbbaddons will offer the opportunity to develop packages even as easily, one gets feedback on the source code (and automatical checks if your package is valid), and can give support (Dev-to-User) for ones plugin, as well as benefit from an active User-to-User support that has evolved for many years now.