Yet another blog? Yup, and some interesting stuff to read. Development announcements, interesting code snippets, oddities from programming languages and much more.

Since I am currently in the process of restructing my website, I have set up this blog as a central place for everything I think is worthwhile to share. This will include lots of source code as this is a technical blog. Things I am going to post here include:

  • Release announcements
  • Roadmaps
  • Software Previews
  • Short software architecture / design articles
  • “How To’s” and code snippets

It will mainly be about Java, PHP (WCF), some other useful tools and general programming / development topics.

Be excited about great news, such as the release of JTT, the jekyll template toolkit (coming soon).

Currently, this blog does not allow for comments. But I will get some and they’ll be awesome. I hope I can blog about it soon.