The release of WBB4 and WCF 2.0 beta gets closer every day, and writing plugins for it becomes more and more interesting, especially since we knowget a good overview about the things that might not be included by default and make a good plugin. To make things easier, i wrote a little shell script that automagically packs WCF 2.0 packages: wmake!


wmake is a package build script for WCF 2.0 packages. In order to work with wmake, you have to ensure that your packages structure adheres to the standards set forth by WoltLab.
This means that your packages need to have the following file structure:

+ package.xml (required)
+ *.xml (XML-based PIPs, optional)
+ lang/ (Language Files, optional)
    +++ *.xml
+ *.php (Skript-PIP, optional)
+ *.sql (SQL-PIP, optional)
+ */ (File-based PIPs, e.g. Files-PIP, templates-PIP, ACPTemplates-PIP e.a.)

Technical background

wmake will add all XML, SQL and PHP files and the root directory to your package, as well as all Language-Files placed in lang/ (if applicable) and treat all other folders as File-based PIPs, meaning it will pack them as TAR and add them to the package archive as-is.


wmake is a small shell script that is available as Gist on GitHub.