Posts & articles relating to using Jekyll.

  • Use Jekyll on Windows via the Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

    The Windows Subsystem for Linux works surprisingly well by now – at least for simple tasks. In this blog post, I describe how to install the WSL as well as Jekyll (with GitHub Pages support) using Ubuntu as the distro of choice. Installing the WSL and a Linux distro is suprisingly easy and has only 4 steps (one is optional).

  • JTT in action

    Ever wanted to see JTT in action? Then there is no time like the present! JTT is already used on numerous websites, some hosted on GitHub Pages, some elsewhere. Take a look at some excellent examples on how JTT can be used!

  • 1st quarter of 2013 roundup - Spread the word!

    The new year saw some interesting developments, as I have been mentioned with my software several times throughout the web.

  • Update for JTT

    The update for the Jekyll Template Toolkit (JTT) included several bugfixes.
    While working on my blog, I have encountered several flaws in JTT and went to fix them. There were some minor issues, e.g. an escaping issue in the category list widget, which made the site fail the validation check and a minor issue with the pagination.

  • Note to self: `literal` is now `raw`

    As of the last update to GitHub Pages, the literal tag is now raw.
    Today I wanted to start on a new series of blog entries, called “Notes to self”. The “Notes to self” series of blog articles is a series of brief facts, tricks and code snippets that I consider to be useful, memorable and don’t want to forget.

  • Group posts by month and year in jekyll

    This article describes the technique used in this blog to display posts grouped by month and year in jekyll, most prominently seen in the widget within the sidebar. No plugin is required for this.

  • Tag cloud in jekyll (without plugins)

    Creating a tag cloud with jekyll is not a simple task and most solutions found online use plugins for that. In this article I describe the solution I’ve found, which is baesd on a vanilla jekyll installation without plugins. My solution is based around the fact that there are several math filters available for Liquid: <pre> {{5 | plus: 3}} => 8 {{5 | minus: 3}} => 2 {{5 | times: 3}} => 15 {{6 | divided_by: 3}} => 2</pre> More filters and documentations can be found on the Shopify/Liquid Page.

    Although these filters are present, using them is not easy, as you can not set brackets in terms, and jekyll processes arguments for filters quite oddly from time to time.

  • Release of Jekyll Template Toolkit (JTT)

    Today I’ve released my Jekyll Template toolkit, a collection of templates and layouts for jekyll, which is 100% compatible to github-pages. The source code can be found in the repository on GitHub.